Ingøy Sjøhus

Facilities and information

Ingøy is a gem placed at 71º N. Ingøy is known for its resource-rich fishing banks and offers extreme nature experiences. Ingøy is also known for Fruholmen lighthouse, which was manned until 2007. It is teeming with wildlife with over 150 registered birds, including 60 nesting. Ingøy Sjøhus currently consists of two units, both of which can accommodate up to 6 people. Ingøy Sjøhus was established in 2007 and opened for the first time to tourists on 1 June 2008.

To get to Ingøy you have to take the express boat that departs from Havøysund.To get to Havøysund you can drive, take a bus from the nearest airport (Alta, Lakselv, Hammerfest), or by hurtigruten. On Wednesday, Friday and Sunday it is possible to travel by express boat from Hammerfest. The boat routes can be found on the app “Snelandia reise”.

In the cabins there is most of the equipment. There you will find tv, wood stove, cups and tubs and most other things that should be necessary to carry out a successful stay.

If you want to relax and do something other than enjoy nature, we can offer rental of a gas grill, sauna and a hot tub. Right next to the cabin is set up a barbecue house, which provides good opportunities for grilling. We have at our disposal a car that can be borrowed for a sightseeing tour around the island or for a trip to the local store.