Facilities and info

Ingøy Sjøhus is a real treasure far out on the sea at 71º N. Situated by the Fruholmen, which is a lighthouse. Achipelagos with small islands, islets and rocks.

On the travel to Ingøy you have to take the fast ferry from Havøysund. Look for the timetables at “Snelandia reise” app. To get to Havøysund you could go by car, take the bus from the nearest airport(Alta, Hammerfest, Lakselv) or take hurtigruten. It is also possible to take fast ferry from Hammerfest Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

In the cabbins you will find most of the equipment you will need for your stay. There is a tv, a wood stove, equipment for cooking and a lot more.

On the wharf we have a gas grill, sauna, and a hot tub that is for your disposal. Beside the cabin there is a barbecue house, that gives you excellent opportunities to grill. We also dispose a car that you could borrow for a sightseeing around the island or for a trip to the local store.

On Ingøy there are 150 species of birds are registered, of which 60 are nesting. So there are good possibilities for bird watchers to.